Public pricesDayWeekendWeek
SUP board inc. lifejacket30€60€Ask for offer
Two SUP boards inc. lifejackets50€100€Ask for offer
Electric touring bike60€/4h or 80€/dayAsk for offer
Mountain bike, women's or men's10€40€
Outboard motor 2,5hp / electric outboard motor25€50€100€
Linder aluminium boat + engine45€90€150€
Canadian canoes30€60€Ask for offer
Double kayak30€60€Ask for offer
Single kayak25€50€Ask for offer
Cottage customers
Hot tub 6-8 person100€160€
SUP board inc. lifejacket25€50€Ask for offer
Two SUP boards inc. lifejackets40€80€Ask for offer
The weekend is Friday 4 pm – Sunday 6 pm, prices incl. VAT. Equipment can be transported if necessary.