Pay with Visa or Mastercard

Vääntäjän Tila accepts credit card payments only through the Luottokunta payment system linked to this page.
Credit card payments are accepted only for the bills we have agreed in advance with the customer for such
payment. You can not use this service without the unique reference number provided with the bill from us.


The transaction will be fully secured, utilizing the
Luottokunta's payment system. The information you enter will be directed to the Luottokunta's system through encrypted connection.

Nothing of the data will pass outside the Luottokunta system. To identify your payment use the reference number you were provided with in the bill you received.


Click to open
the payment page

Payment requires the refernce number in the bill


* The server will send a security certificate which you must first accept [OK] to enter the payment page.
* If the payment page will not open, you might need to set port 444 in your firewall open to both
directions or shut the firewall temporarily down while making the payment. Do not forget to start the
firewall again.