Your hostess Sovi is an excellent cook, who can make all kinds of delicious meals from a lunchbasket for one up to an exlusive dinner for a party of numerous people.

Catering service joins in as an essential part of the Canoe Safaris, parties, meetings and other occasions that we arrange.
If catering is part of canoenig or social evening, it is usually takes place in nature, hut or beach cottage. You can order catering from us also for occasions not otherwise arranged by us within a reasonable range from the farm


Placing an order
All orders have to be placed and menus fixed in early time. The larger the party, the longer the preparations will take.
Usually the lunch on a Canoe Safari will take place along the way, in th nature, as a picnic. Parties and other occasions will usually take place at the cottages. Larger parties can be arranged in external premises.

Bakery products and meals
Cakes, muffins, rolls and certain prepared dishes are also available on order to be taken out,
or in our cottages, when You are staying there.

For more details, please ask Your hostess.

In the Loimutupa-cabin You will eat well and live it up in good company

Around bonfire in the cabin

Now You can make a reservation
for a party in the new Loimutupa-cabin
There, in the middle of the nature, around live fire
You will enjoy a delicious meal and have
an unforgettable night in good company

Choose e.g. flame-roasted trout, barbecued pork
sallads, dishes in wok, salmon- or gulash-soup etc
And as dessert our tasty waffles with jam

There is room for up to 30 persons